Let me introduce myself, I am Roberto Ciccia, coordinator of the 118 stations of Anguillara Sabazia and Bracciano.
I read in The Tabloid the note of Mr. Pio Favia, who had a traffic accident on the Via Anguillarese fortunately without major consequences for the health of those involved. I wanted for dutiful information to point out that the rescue vehicles are managed by the Regional and Provincial 118 Operations Center of Rome, which has in real time under control the situation of the rescue vehicles on the territory; where there is a need for rescue, the vehicle involved would be the one moreù near the’event. Considering that the vehicle from the 118 station in Anguillara at 09:43 a.m. had been dispatched for a code red on Via di Spanora (Anguillara Sabazia) and who subsequently transported the patient to the’San Filippo Neri Hospital in Rome, the same vehicle returned available to the Operations Center at 10:54 a.m.

E’ clear that the medium of Anguillara does not è present only on the cityà così such as è alsoì clear that the Operations Center involves the next relevant vehicle by distance and availabilityà (Caesan) which è intervened in a timely and timely manner.
In the logic of rescue l’ARES 118 does not provide emergency services né its means are territorially managed, alsoì It must be said that any means canò and must intervene in each localityà Whether there is a request.