To conclude, an accredited testing laboratory “ACCREDIA” guarantees a priori a qualityà of the results of both accredited and non-accredited tests not comparable in any way to that of a non-accredited laboratory, in fact, the inspection audit that “ACCREDIA” carries out annually involves two types of checks that are carried out by two different inspectors, system operator and technician, the first concerns the control and validation of all internal procedures that must ensure the proper management of the data generated by the laboratory, the second, on the other hand, concerns the control of the correct application of procedures according to the test methods to certify the technical competence of the laboratory.

  1. Accreditation certificate “Accredia” rev. 2 (HERE)
  2. Lazio Region resolution and list of accredited laboratories included in the’official list for self-control (HERE)
  3. Certificates of participation in ring tests in international circuits with tables of results obtained and their standard deviations related to the parameter “Arsenic in water” (HERE)
  4. List of laboratories in Italy that have the test “Arsenic in water” accredited: in Lazio, in addition to the’A.R.P.A. turns out another private laboratory, the A.S.C. Ltd. which currently has the test “Arsenic” suspended from ’Accredia” accreditation;.