Aprilia – A Pontine network to support Alzheimer’s patients

An important provincial conference on research and care for Alzheimer’s sufferers and their families took place yesterday. The supra-district initiative was promoted by the Municipality of Latina, with the intervention also of Regional Councillor for Social Policies Rita Visini.

Representing the Municipal Administration were Mayor Antonio Terra, who opened the proceedings along with Latina Deputy Prefect and Sub Commissioner Dr. Luigi Scipioni, Formia Councillor Giovanni D’Angio, and Councillor Eva Torselli.

“Social policies,” commented the Mayor of Aprilia, “represent the strategic sector on which the Administration’s efforts must be focused, even if the general feeling is that, in fact, we have been left alone to manage the ever-increasing demand for social services. The Municipality of Aprilia has invested in its budget the sum of 400 thousand euros for the strengthening and upgrading of our Alzheimer’s center, convinced that we have a duty to put in place favorable conditions to improve the life of the sick and to assist family members. The Alzheimer’s Center was established in 2004 and now houses 15 users; activities are carried out within it that aim to socialize the sick person. In addition, mutual self-help groups work to optimize the daily needs compromised by the disease, provide valuable and concrete help to family members in their constant caring efforts, to reduce the psychophysical stress of the patient and the whole household. Our will is to continue in this direction, offering an increasingly effective and efficient service, and the restructuring of the Center also aims to ensure assistance and help to more users, to all those who need it.

Certainly, only when local governments do not feel abandoned by the region and national government will citizens in turn no longer feel distance from institutions.”.