Bach flowers, what they are

I Bach flowers are flower remedies useful for alleviating certain negative situations in which we may find ourselves.

In fact, these remedies work on emotionality and different personalities-some people experience certain emotions than others, and so different flowers may be indicated for one person rather than another.

They act in a way that balances negative emotional attitudes to trigger positive change.

Flowers do not go to cure a symptom but serve precisely to regain lost psychophysical balance and resolve a disharmonious state of mind that causes:

  • Fear;
  • insecurity;
  • loneliness;
  • indifference to the world around you;
  • hypersensitivity to external conditioning;
  • discouragement or despair;
  • excess of concern for others.

These are distillates of certain flowers that are mixed in brandy, alcohol or apple cider vinegar.

One can take 4 drops of the distillate 4 times a day, pure, directly under the long, to be held in the mouth for 10 seconds before swallowing.

Or you can dilute the 4 drops of the distillate in a glass of water to sip throughout the day when you feel the need.

The important thing is not to exceed 4 drops at a time.

Otherwise, there are no other contraindications but it is best to make sure you are not allergic to brandy, alcohol or apple cider vinegar (depending on what the mixture is made from).

You can use a single flower or a custom blend of several flowers; there is no need for a prescription and indeed they can be self-prescribed but the important thing is that you have an awareness of which flower is most appropriate to use, otherwise it is better to consult a pharmacist or herbalist.

One of the ready-made remedies is the Rescue remedy, mix of 5 different flowers that is an emergency solution for use during a time of agitation (after physical or emotional trauma).