Bracciano – Obesity Day, information points active Thursday, Oct. 10

Also this year on Oct. 10, 2013, the ASL RMF through the Food Hygiene and Nutrition Service (SIAN), will join theà at the’OBESITY DAY organized by the’Italian Association of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition (ADI) to raise awareness of obesityà.

This pathology è now considered epidemic, and preventive interventions no longer concernù the sphere and responsibilityà personal, but social.
In fact, according to Giuseppe Fatati, scientific coordinator of Obesity Day, “è Undeniable that our societyà provides a’wide range of opportunities to consume food and drink. This is a form of easy consumption that canò inadvertently lead to so-called “passive hyperconsumption” in which individuals do not notice that they are eating high-density productsà energy and in quantityà excessive.”

Altresì, the current economic crisis, has led Italians to consume the products that turn out to be moreù affordable , sometimes at the expense of qualityà of the same, with related repercussions on the dietary lifestyle.

In this light, having a perspective oriented on the social and the collective canò give results moreù substantial and substantial.

As usual also for 2013, the choice of the’Company’s è been to join, as has been the case for years, this national initiative aimed at preventing personal’obesityà and its consequences; a campaign that in practice will be implementedà through the’information on nutrition and how toà to manage its lifestyle in a moreù appropriate.
For Obesity Day, on Oct. 10, the ASL RM F will set up a special eventà some information points at the district offices of the SIAN, in which from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. there will be nutritionists, dieticians available to the affected population.