Fit for the Christmas holidays

The Christmas holidays are just a few days away, and in many people the desire to get in shape is increasing so that they can be “glowing” on these special evenings. And so here we look (often using the Internet) for “quick” methods to be able to lose weight.

People thus embark on often extreme “dieting” paths that last only a few days, which create a slight weight loss but then once discontinued quickly make up for the pounds lost.

One is often lured by “metabolism-accelerating” or “weight-unlocking” herbal teas, which once purchased and consumed unfortunately do not bring the desired results…

But then how can one lose weight and still manage to maintain the result?

Let’s try to clarify with the help of dr.ssa Luisa Radice, Nutritionist who after graduating from college has devoted herself more and more to’nutritional education in order to solve not only aesthetic problems such as overweight, cellulite and localized fat, but also problems related to the state of health and general well-being, collaborating with experts in the field, such as doctors of Bariatric Surgery and doctors of Aesthetic Surgery, with whom she still collaborates.

Dr.ssa Radice there are “lightning” diets or miracle herbal teas that can quickly regain the desired physical shape?

So the answer to this question is absolutely NO. There are certainly schemes that drop weight rapidly, but in reality they mainly lead to an elimination of body fluids and in the long run they also lead to a considerable sacrifice of lean mass leading the patient to a state of muscle atony (and I would say that none of us want to be untoned), while there is no supplement or food that can accelerate or unblock the metabolism, so be careful what you buy.

So Dr.ssa to lose weight what you need to do?

To lose body fat it is necessary to follow a balanced dietary pattern that does NOT exclude any food but rather teaches the patient how to manage all macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) without creating psychological terrorism and fomenting the belief that all health or excess fat problems today depend on an excess of carbohydrates , in past years the evil of the century was fats, and in the future who knows what awaits us.

The reality is that all nutrients are critical, they need to be MEASURED based on the individual we are dealing with and the type of activity we do.

In short, to lose weight one must certainly reduce the daily Kcal intake, but without the exclusion of any macronutrient, and above all one must make the diet sustainable for the patient by giving him or her the possibility to follow the scheme as best as possible, so the tastes and logistical needs of those who want to lose weight must be respected.

So doctors.ssa there is no way to be able to accelerate the decline?

Actually the solution to losing weight faster exists, but it is not as “convenient” as drinking herbal tea or swallowing a tablet. Want to lose weight faster? Get moving! Do sports, exercise or simply lead a more active life!

Walk up the stairs, those at home, those at work, or even those on the subway, do not use a car or scooter for any movement use your legs!

I follow a lot of young guys who unfortunately have an inactive life and I advise them to move even in small things. Don’t call mom to bring you a glass of water, just get up and go pour yourself one!

It is the sum total of all the activities we do on a daily basis that makes the difference, if you then add to that stimulating muscle work in the gym then you will see that the weight and shape of your body will change rapidly!

And finally remember, you cannot change in 15 days a body that has turned into what it is today after years of bad eating habits and inactivity, give yourself time to change and you will see that it will be worth it.