Hair supplements: how and why to choose them

One of the most important elements in everyone’s aesthetic appearance is hair. All of us, therefore, would like healthy, thick hair. In many cases, one must rely on hair supplements to achieve the goal.

As the years go by, the scalp often weakens and our “hair” loses thickness and strength. Baldness is one of the situations that most concerns adults, so much so that people are willing to make sacrifices to avoid it. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, let’s look at what we can rely on.

Why use hair supplements

When dealing with hair loss or hair weakening, we are generally helpless. The only solution other than the expensive and risky transplant is to change something in one’s daily routine. To do this, it is useful to try using targeted products such as hair supplements.

The reasons for choosing them are the simplicity of taking them and the targeted action for strengthening the scalp.

Ingredients to look for in hair products

Around these products there are always many doubts, especially in understanding whether they work. Here are some of the most effective ingredients in the hair growth supplements. Most of these elements can also be taken with a careful and conscious diet.

Vitamin B

Vitamins in this group stimulate, for the most part, cell growth. This action is perfect for hair supplements, because it targets hair production, as well as being useful for skin and nails as well.

Vitamin C

A crucial element in the increase of collagen, a relevant protein for hair, it is a vitamin that directly strengthens hair and can prevent hair loss.


It is a very important mineral for hair supplements, as it makes them healthy and can give them thickness. It also brings well-being to the body in general. Among foods, it is found, for example, in legumes and whole grains.

Care must be taken, however, not to take too much calcium, which risks blocking its assimilation.


This is an antioxidant that annihilates free radicals resulting from stress, which weaken the hair, and consequently improves the health of the “hair”. To take it in through food, as well as through hair supplements, you can consume for example tuna and potatoes.


An important ingredient for the whole body, it gives strength and shine to the hair and is perfect when it is thinning and looking thin.


It is a vitamin that is part of many hair supplements, because by its action for the functioning of the bone marrow, it invigorates them and generally helps in the intake of carbohydrates.

Benefits of hair supplements

A treatment based on hair supplements can have its effectiveness with a lot of patience. The problem of baldness (or thinning) cannot be solved overnight. To ensure the amplified effect of these products, it is useful to carry on a targeted diet, which allows intake especially of the vitamins mentioned, plus zinc and selenium.

In addition, it is extremely important to stimulate the oxygenation of the scalp and tissues to put the body in strength and cooperate with hair supplements. This, can be done with a blood cleansed of toxins, thanks to a healthy lifestyle, without smoking and with physical activity.