Lazio Region, Zingaretti: “In 2016, thanks to screening, more than 1,300 cancers were diagnosed”

In the fight against this disease, early diagnosis remains the key tool to increase the’effectiveness of treatment and the chances of cure. That is why the Lazio Regional Health System offers free of charge to a large segment of its population effective tools to identify early, fight and limit the consequences of certain types of cancer. This is done through three screening programs that have been enhanced in recent years.

1) breast cancer prevention, aimed at women in the 50-69 age group (and also open in October to women outside the age group)

2) prevention of cervical cancer, aimed at women in the 25-64 age group

3) prevention of colorectal cancer, targeting men and women in the 50-74 age group.

The Lazio Region's commitment to prevention is strong and constant: every year the ASLs send out 1.5 million invitations for screening. During 2016, 9 out of 10 eligible people received this invitation for free cancer prevention screening. And every year since 2013, the amount of invitations has gradually increased to reach more and more of the population, from 67 percent to 90 percent for breast and uterine cancers, and from 32 percent to 84 percent for colorectal cancers.

Specifically, in 2016, with regard to screening for breast cancer prevention, more than 381 thousand invitations were sent, and 776 cancers have been diagnosed so far. As for screening for cervical cancer prevention, more than 470 thousand invitations have been sent, and more than 300 lesions at risk of degeneration treated. Finally, with regard to screening for the prevention of colorectal cancer, more than 784 thousand invitations were sent: 323 cases of colorectal cancer identified and 1.754 advanced adenomas and 795 early-stage adenomas.

The data on adenomas, pathological forms that usually degenerate into carcinomas of the colon rectum, are particularly indicative of the importance of responding to the invitation and screening.

“Today is World Cancer Day. An important date – declares Lazio Region President Nicola Zingaretti – that urges everyone to increase their commitment to fight and overcome this disease. And prevention turns out to be the main way to reach the’goal. As a region we have been consistent, achieving a real breakthrough in terms of prevention. This year, in fact, thanks to our screening program, about 1.5 million women and men in our region have been invited for screening and more than 1,300 cancers diagnosed.

We will continue and implement this commitment of ours. For us, every day is World Cancer Day”.