Massage and SPA as it changes after coronavirus

Even spas must adhere to strict hygiene standards in light of the Coronavirus, particularly when services such as the massage.

Before going to a massage center

Specifically, since during these treatments the one-meter distance between operator and client cannot be respected (precisely because massage usually takes place with the client lying on the couch and the masseur in his or her proximity to perform the maneuvering of the massage), the operator will be required to wear the FFP2 valveless mask and protective visor.

As for the actual massage, it may be performed without gloves but the massage therapist should, both before and once the massage is over, disinfect his or her hands and forearm so that he or she can then move on to the next possible client.

During the massage, however, you may never touch your face, nose, mouth or eyes but only perform the massage on the client. If, on the other hand, gloves are used, it is obvious that before the next client comes in, the operator will have to dispose of the used ones in the most appropriate way and arrange to wear new ones. As well as must always replace the towel placed on the couch (and sanitize the same): the towels, in fact, must be disposable.

How the SPA should be adapted

Although the massage experience will be slightly different than it was before the Coronavirus, these rules to be followed are critical for the safety of both the person giving the massage and those undergoing the treatment. In the rest of the SPA, the rules that apply in all other social venues should be followed:

  • it is preferable to book your own treatments
  • Go to the facility with a mask
  • Respect social distancing in common places (such as locker rooms, waiting rooms)
  • take care to store their belongings in the lockers inside a backpack or bag, without them having contact with the locker surface.

Conversely, spa staff should also take care to sanitize all rooms often.