The child’s musculoskeletal system explained by pediatric orthopedist Nicola Portinaro

“My daughter has flat feet, I need to have a checkup? My son is walking strangely, but really badly, should I be worried?

These are the questions and concerns

These are the questions and concerns that in so many years of my profession the parents of my young patients have asked me most frequently, and each time I answer: first of all, it is better not to hazard a diagnosis on our own but to rely on a specialist examination, which is not at all invasive and gives mothers peace of mind. It will then be evaluated whether the picture is within the physiological range, and therefore nothing needs to be done at all, or whether it is necessary to proceed with any therapeutic measures.”.

So says prof. Nicola Portinaro, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon recognized as one of the leading experts for the treatment of orthopedic problems of the hips, feet, and for neuro-orthopedic disorders in children, who will be featured in a free live-streamed webinar on Thursday, April 8, at 7 p.m.30 dedicated to all parents interested in the topic “The child’s musculoskeletal system from newborn to adolescent.”.

Topics covered include the main pathologies of the feet and possible treatments, but also how the child’s skeleton develops and what the main alterations are in the newborn, when to be concerned about a hip pathology, how an orthopedic examination is conducted, and what role pediatric orthopedics plays in the treatment of neurological pathologies.

Portinaro will also answer questions from parents listening, talking with Alessandro Basso, founder and ad of SosPediatra, a platform designed to help families find a pediatrician H24 for a home visit or video specialist consultation, with the security of professionalism and fixed rates with no surprises.

The webinar will be broadcast on the Facebook pages

The webinar will be broadcast on the Facebook pages of SosPediatra and Ariel Foundation, a nonprofit organization of which Portinaro is the creator and scientific director, which for 18 years has been providing support and guidance to families with children with Infantile Cerebral Palsy and other neuromotor disabilities, while also following research projects to develop knowledge, treatment and care of childhood neuromotor disorders.

Signing up for the event from the Ariel Foundation website and Facebook pages entitles you to receive a free special digital edition of SosPediatra’s Pediatric Atlas (a dossier that explores the human body in simple language dedicated to children) and a €5 discount voucher on the pediatric video consultation service bookable directly from the SosPediatra website. To participate, simply fill out the registration form found in one of these channels:

The collaboration between Ariel and SosPediatra began in October 2020: since then, 1 euro is donated to the foundation for every home visit made.

Thursday, April 8, 2021, h. 19.30

Free live streaming webinar on the Facebook channels of Ariel Foundation and SosPediatra titled: “Skeletal muscle system of the child from newborn to adolescent”

The meeting is dedicated to all parents, of children with and without disabilities, who at the end of the meeting will have the opportunity to ask questions via chat.