How to cleanse yourself, New Year’s resolutions

After the Christmas vacations and the month of January where we try to put good intentions back into action, we try to get back on the “straight and narrow” as far as food is concerned. Before starting a diet, it is a good idea to consult a doctor and get into the care of a dietician or nutritionist who can monitor our progress.

How to purify yourself with the’beginning of the new year?

What you definitely want to get rid of is bloating, and to do so you have to follow a balanced diet preferring detoxifying foods.

What you should not do, however, is to skip meals because this is a mistaken belief that rather leads to gaining weight; at most, prefer light snacks of fruit or yogurt.

In fact, to purify oneself, there is nothing better than fruits but also vegetables (at least 5 portions a day), sacrificing at least for a few days the consumption of carbohydrates, which one hardly gives up but in this case it is good to do so to purify oneself completely.

Favoring, for example, artichokes

Favor, for example, artichokes, which are rich in fiber, or leafy greens; apples, which help regulate intestinal transit; and lemons, which contain vitamin C (both low-sugar fruits).

As fats, use olive oil either raw or to add in the pan to lightly cook vegetables.

Also with regard to condiments, do not overdo salt, which promotes the onset of cardiovascular disease and water retention.

Rather, to flavor dishes, use spices that give flavor and are very good for detox.

A rule that always applies but especially when you want to purify after the holidays, is to drink a lot of water (at least 2 liters a day) because this aids digestion and leads to feeling fuller and therefore eating less when you are at the table.

Instead, avoid alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine for a while.

And with the arrival of the New Year, a good resolution is to do physical activity: essential for purifying oneself, therefore, to do any kind of movement, without getting lazy.