Rieti – Petrangeli and Zepponi: “Let 2016 be the year of the revitalization of health care”

“We hope that next year will turn out better than the previous ones thanks to the work of the ASL General Management, the Permanent Assembly for Rieti Health (which includes many voluntary associations, professional categories, health workers, and unions), the mayors of the province (united in the Local Health Conference) and the sensitivity shown by the Lazio Region.

In fact, in addition to the three waivers already granted (and concerning the directors of the Emergency Room, Obstetrics/Gynecology and Psychiatry OUs), two more waivers have been added in recent days: those concerning the directors of the SCs of Medical Oncology and Cancer Surgery.

The next few months will be needed to activate and complete the competitive procedures and thus equip our hospital with new top-level professionals who can carry on the excellent work started by their predecessors.

All this was possible thanks to teamwork. The community in the face of issues that affect the entire community was able to find a unity of purpose like few other times.

Now it is a matter of overseeing the rapid conclusion of the competition procedures, urging the hiring of the staff still lacking and stabilizing the precarious workers who have been waiting for answers for too long, as a result of the debt recovery plan and the ensuing receivership.”

This is what the mayor of Rieti, Simone Petrangeli, and the councilman with responsibility for health, Enrico Zepponi, say.