“Vanvitelli” Polyclinic launches Project: a nurse will be Director

Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria “Luigi Vanvitelli” of Naples launches Pilot Project: nurse will hold the role of Director of internship activities of the three-year degree course “Nursing” – Nursing entirely in English – activated by the University of Campania.

The recruitment of the director, through a call for applications, aims to identify a professional whose task will be to coordinate the internship activities of students enrolled in the innovative Course.

Activated for the first time in the central south, the Degree nursing in english represents a unicum: a comprehensive course that prepares for the profession and issues language certification, level B2.

Coordinated by Prof Eva Lieto

The Course (Department of translational medical sciences of the School of medical Sciences) is coordinated by Prof Eva Lieto, president of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (responsible for teaching, Professor Ivana Orefice) and has two objectives: to provide the student with an adequate mastery of methods and general scientific content in the corresponding area; to place in the world of work. In addition, “Nursing” is part of a broader design that sees internationalization as one of the vocations of the University “Vanvitelli” and the Polyclinic Company connected to it. A new course, open to foreign students who choose Italy and Naples as the location for their studies.

Pilot Project gives due and proper dignity to the role of the nurse

“The Pilot Project gives due and proper dignity to the role of the nurse: an increasingly competitive, prepared, expert professional figure, to whom the organizational role must be dutifully recognized,” began Antonio Giordano, General Director of the AOU “Luigi Vanvitelli,” and continues, “This is a key professional figure to achieve high quality care standards, and we see this every day in our Polyclinic. We are even more pleased with the activation of this figure that coincides with the International Year of the Nurse.”.

“We are only at the beginning of a complex but exciting journey, explains Professor Eva Lieto – professor of surgery and chair of the nursing curriculum. The very first results, the result of much work and synergy between the university and the hospital company, lead us to believe that we are on the right track. The job market is increasingly competitive and selective; hence the need to train young people capable of meeting high European professional standards. Demand for nurses in Europe and the United Kingdom is very high and salaries are high. “Nursing,” delivered entirely in English, gives its enrollees access to international Erasmus programs, internships abroad and ultimately opens the minds of our young people who will certainly be more competitive in the world of work.

Course provides comprehensive, 360-degree training. Last but not least, this course is a reference for the Center-South and wants to be, in our eyes, a springboard for an increasingly broader cultural integration that sees Campania and our Athenaeum at the center of the Mediterranean crossroads,” Professor Lieto concludes.