Canale Monterano – Mayor Angelo Stefani: “Good response of women to mammography screening”

“There was a good response, 287 women underwent mammography screening, and in April there will be two more days for those who so far in Canale Monterano have not been able to take this important exam for prevention purposes.”.

The mayor of Canale Monterano Angelo Stefani comments thus on the outcome of the prevention campaign launched in collaboration with the Asl Roma F that made it possible from February 8 to 11, thanks to the use of an equipped mobile vehicle that was stationed in Tubingen square, to carry out the diagnostic examination completely free of charge and at zero kilometers.

“Prevention,” Stefani reiterates, “it is fundamental and important that women who fall in the identified age group take advantage of the opportunity to have free and zero-mile mammography screening, an important service long desired and initiated by the local health agency under the banner of the logic that prevention is better than cure.”.