Sabaudia, Mayor Gervasi testifies at the Conference “Neck Pathologies”

The mayor Giada Gervasi was a testimonial for the scientific medical event, on the “Neck diseases“, which was held on Saturday, October 14, at the Le Dune Hotel convention center.

A citizen’s health not only has a bearing on his or her own life, but also inevitably has a social impact on health care spending that can be contained through prevention and early diagnosis with regular checkups.

A good check-up, consisting of laboratory tests, instrumental examinations and radiological examinations, combined with a proper diet, the abolition of smoking and alcohol consumption, and moderate physical activity, are always the golden rules for people’s health and well-being, in order to identify risk factors that can cause the onset of disease and consequently prevent metabolic or cardiovascular diseases.

“Health prevention is fundamental and remains our priority as we have highlighted in our government program – Mayor Giada Gervasi &#8211 emphasizes; because it means adopting strategies to prevent the onset of an illness or to limit its severity and worsening. Doing prevention is the first step in securing the right to that health understood as complete mental and physical well-being, Is therefore the first form of care for ourselves. The action of prevention, therefore, must aim to spread education that proposes a healthy and correct lifestyle.

Precisely on the issue of health, our attention will be focused on prevention projects such as free screenings that are essential because they can save a life, but also on the strengthening of First Aid Points to transform Sabaudia into a cardioprotected city: the goal is to distribute AED devices (automated external defibrillators) with adequate information of the inhabitants and with the preparation of an adequate number of non-professional rescuers for the use of such life-saving equipment. Sabaudia must become a city of Health, Wellness, Youth training and support for those with difficulties. I would also like to mention the “Maternamente” project, promoted by the social and health services of the Municipality of Sabaudia, to prepare and accompany mothers-to-be for motherhood by providing them with the tools to cope with anxieties and difficulties of the months preceding and immediately following the birth of the child, as well as preparing them for their new parental role.

This is a totally free course and open to women in their fourth month of pregnancy.”.

It should be pointed out that Giada Gervasi, (the first woman to become mayor of Sabaudia by overwhelmingly winning with 77.75 percent of the vote vs. 22.25 of the center-right candidate, Giovanni Secci) has already donated his first salaries to purchase a defibrillator for the Borgo San Donato elementary school, which is part of the state complex V.Orsolini Cencelli.

Designing the future of our society also means supporting young people in their growth path, promoting their health and well-being from a bio-psycho-social perspective, increasing awareness of their behaviors in young people, at a time of life when there is a greater propensity to expose themselves to risks and vulnerability.